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June 21, 2012


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OK! I decided to get back into the OCT business. I plan on tag teaming two of my oldest characters together for this : )

I will start off with-


Oh man, there is so much to her story. But I really can not condense it here without it being miles long.


Lynn is a literal test tube baby. She was conceived normally but once big enough, was put into a tub and hooked up to a bunch of wires and grew in a tank till she was big enough to leave it.  She was meant to be a tool in order to bring the world, or at least a country to it's knees. There are others like her (they won't be involved except for her sister). She was a special case because her biological mother had a weak heart, and unfortunately Lynn developed one too. In the midst of a specific ritual/experiment, it had begun to give out, and in panic, they put an excess of magic within her, and it caused some damage. That's why her right eye is green with the giant scar. The last thing they were thinking of was being careful since they wanted to put in the spare eye they had as soon as possible before she went completely blind in that eye. After that, and many events over the years, she and the other test tube children escaped. They went about their lives, not remembering much from that time seeing as how they were zombies most of the time.  And all of them wound up being adopted at some point.
Now here she is, years later, and on her own. At the ripe age of 23, and she has no ideas what's going to happen to her soon.

There's a little backstory, if you have questions! Please ask me! c:

Personality: Lynn is nothing but benevolent and mature. She has a very calm demeanor and she is very smart. Due to how she was created she has a wide expansion of knowledge and abilities. (Most of which lays dormant unless she seeks them out). Although because of her intelligence and her somewhat disturbingly calm exterior some can find her intimidating. And on top of that the giant scar on her face doesn't help, which is why she covers it up. She tries to help whoever she can, and never takes into account her own well-being unless others are taken care of. If you're willing to talk with her and make an effort, she returns it and she eventually opens up more. She CAN smile, but considering the situation smiles will be very low in abundance.

:bulletblue: Her aim.
She and her sister were made for the aerial approach on things. Which is why she has her wings as well as enhanced eyesight for spotting things far away. This is why she has the guns. She has bullets on hand, but she materializes her store energy from within her into them. These don't cause exterior damage, but they cause the same internal damage as a bullet would. (in the ref pic, it's number 5 )
:bulletblue: strength.
It's not superhuman strength, but she does have thicker muscle mass and bone structure because it's needed for when her wings come out.
:bulletblue: intelligence/quick thinking (KNOWLEDGE IS POWAH)
:bulletblue: Resourceful

:bulletred: Her wings.
Her wings are very sensitive. Even squeezing too hard will send her hissing in pain.
:bulletred: being in flight.
When she is in flight, her muscle and bone mass are reduced to support her wings. She is much more fragile this way. If you kick or punch her hard enough, she could break something or bruise much easier.
:bulletred: Water.
Being submerged in water, (submerged completely), causes her to become sluggish. She doesn't respond as quickly because it was a defense mechanism her creators had put in her to calm her down. If submerged long enough (id say about a minute and a half or 2 minutes maximum) she will lose consciousness before she loses her air supply and then eventually drown if not careful.
:bulletred: Her shoulder blades
Just below her shoulder blades are very tight with tense muscle because that's where her wings emerge. If you give it a good whack, she will be severely weakened by it.

Phew! Now that she's over and done with-



Xavier belongs to a specific race called Harpies. He comes from pretty much an alternate earth , so they have electronics, and pretty much things you'd see here with a few extras (like hover boards and junk). But their military system is completely different. Not ANYONE can just join, it's a lot harder to get in. It takes a lot of skill, intelligence, and endurance to even be considered. But once proven, you are welcomed in with a ritual. This is why where he comes from, their army is the most difficult to combat because they not only hav the technology by they also have the soldiers that are aerial fighters as well. If they reach a high enough rank, they get gifted with wings. The color is usually connected with how they are as a person. And Xavier, not only wanting to help people but get money to pay the bills for himself and his little sister, managed to get up there. His wings are black, symbolizing his bold spirit and energy with everything he does. And they also get a specialized scythe, something only they can wield and use and call upon at will. If in the hands of another it completely disappears. The scar is nothing more then a token from a fight, and he lost some of his vision in that eye, hence the darker color. But he can still see if he got prescription glasses.

Personality: Dork. A big, fat, 6'2 DORK. Jesus he's a big dork. But he's an intelligent dork. Literally this guy is a freakin genius. At least academically. Some common sense things, not so much. But he's a very happy guy, the guy who tries to cheer everyone up, is a social butterfly and is a big huggable teddy bear. He has a strong sense of justice and a weakness for kids to add on top of it. Although naturally when it comes down to it the happy guy completely disappears and his serious facade kicks in. Afterall he's a higher up where he's from. When he needs to think strategy, he will think strategy.

:bulletgreen: Strategic thinking
He's a very good strategist, he assesses quickly as well as adapts well, which is always good.
:bulletgreen: Kickboxing
Before his dad passed, he used to kickbox with him. After his dad died, he continued with it, a very mind numbing and muscle building way to kill his time
:bulletgreen: Flight
Another advantage on the battle field. But he honestly does not fly unless absolutely necessary. He's a close range fighter. He uses his scythe and body more then his actual wings.

:bulletred: Trusting
more so for younger kids then adults. He honestly has a hard time NOT trusting a young kids face
:bulletred: his right eye
unlike lynn, his eyesight could not be saved, so even though he can see out of it, it's not that well. So it can act as a blind spot if someone plays their cards right
:bulletred: his abdomen
very sensitive. kick or punch it and he won't recover easily
:bulletred: emotions
Xavier can be a great strategist, but most of his ideas revolve around sparing as many people or lives as he can. He's never someone who plans a 'head first' move. and on top of that he acts very strongly on his emotions. if he feels its not right, he will fight for it, which isn't good in a lot of situations

Well! Hopefully that helps. if anyone has questions please ask me! c:
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